I've done work for both NinjaBee and React! Games developing prototypes and a code base for real projects that will hopefully be released in the future. I've built a rendering engine from scratch in C++, using OpenGL, glm and Qt extensively. It supports level saving/loading (in a native, streamlined format), profiling/logging, A* pathfinding, and particle physics. I've had 3 years of experience working on teams ranging from 2-15+ people.

I'm passionate about programming, especially game programming. I am actively looking for career oportunities for when I graduate Neumont University in September of this year. Please contact to me regarding anything and everything you have a question about.



Lycan is a networked multi-player being built in Unity. I worked with a team of 11 people to develop it for 5 weeks, and we'll spend another 5 weeks on it during a later quarter at Neumont. I was in charge of implementing the networking functionality, as well as parts of the core gameplay.

C++ Rendering Engine

C++, OpenGL, Qt, GLM

During my 3 years at Neumont University I built a rendering engine in C++ from scratch. I used OpenGL for the graphics, and Qt for a window context and widgets for debuging. It supports loading/saving of level data in a streamlined native format, as well as loading both FBX and OBJ model files. It has 2D particle physics as well as A* pathfinding. It has a profiling and logging system that writes a custom message buffer to HTML.

AI Capture the Flag

C++, OpenGL

For this project I combined A* pathfinding and decision trees to create an 4-player AI capture the flag demo. Each AI player can be either defensive or aggresive; which is demonstrated by their decisions to either guard their own flag or capture the enemy's. I also created a level editor to build and modify the A* pathfinding nodes which reads FBX and OBJ files and saves them in a native format. The rendering is done with OpenGL.

Physics Demos

C++, Qt

These projects are the product of the 5-week physics course I took at Neumont University. During the course I created demos to showcase reactions that can be created using particle physics. I dealt with springs, collision, restitution, interpenetration, and resting contacts. I also created an interactive cloth physics demo. I also developed a rendering backend for all the demonstrations using Qt and OpenGL.

3D Geometry Wars


A single player 3D game created in XNA. You start inside the outer layer of several nested spheres, trying to reach the center. There are randomly located enemy-spawners that activate based on the layer you care currently inside. To reach the next layer you must kill all the spawners while avoid or killing the enemies they produce. This project won first place in Neumont's project showcase.

Planetary Domination

Flash ActionScript

A 2-player flash game where the goal is to absorb your opponent by becoming the largest and ramming into him. Players absorb constantly-spawning neutral resources to grow larger, but any resource that is larger than the player will instead absorb him! Several different types of power-ups also spawn periodically which keeps the game interesting.



I built this game while taking my first C++ class at Neumont. The primary goal of the class was to learn the basics of C++ and recreate geometry wars, but I decided to do something different. The context was provided as a part of the class but everything else in the game was hand coded.